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Hi, Welcome.

My name is Natalie and I design woman's destination retreats in beautiful locations. I attract courageous, seeking, and authentic women who are ready to step into more, more joy, more happiness, more beauty.  As a lifestyle expert and entrepreneur I am all about holding the space for you to see your brilliance. That's why I'm here!  


Beautiful Life Retreats

The Beautiful Life Retreat is unique to you. Each woman who braves the journey into herself knows that without seeing herself fully, she cannot know herself fully. I've never been more committed to passionately creating opportunity for woman to see themselves, so that they feel absolutely beautiful, both inside and out! 


Life Coaching

Coaching is all about empowerment - meaning, you have your answers, you’re just not in touch with them yet, because you’re most likely just going too fast. Coaching is all about slowing down long enough to see and feel your truth. The answer lie in the question, and the question is, what are you pretending not to know? Now that question leads to many more... let's chat and see what you are looking for and if we are a fit!


Personality Workshops

Who doesn't want to understand others better? Let's face it, people are people, we are born with our own unique personality. The problem is not every personality works well together. If you have ever been in a long term relationship, you know what I am talking about! That's why I invite you to do my interactive 2-4 hour workshop on personalities. What you don't know about others could be affecting your relationships! 


Join my Tribe

Life is supposed to be fun. I can't think of more fun than hanging out with a tribe of like minded, health conscious, go-getter's, who want to take their lives, and others lives to the next level, while doing it together. The landscape of business is changing, if you are looking to create more in your life let's talk!