Never miss an opportunity to tell someone they are beautiful, it’s a chance to look in the mirror.
— Natalie Stratton

I'm secretly a travelling talk show host, actually, even better, I'm a Mom. I'm an Entrepreneur. I'm a Lifestyle Expert. I'm about connecting to truth. I teach confidence. I'm a student of Love. I study the art of creating my reality daily.

My Life Philosophy, "Love Wins Every Time". 

Best Question I Can Ask Myself: "What would Love Do?"

When I think about what I do, I can best say, I create beautiful and safe spaces for women to see themselves honestly.  I facilitate experiential retreats. The kind where you are with people just like yourself, who want something more, and are courageous enough to look in the mirror to discover their truth. You see words do not teach, experience does.

I also specialize in connecting people to the health and wellness industry as a former Certified Personal Trainer, so that they can feel and look healthier and younger, while tapping into another stream of income. I mentor entrepreneurs to create mindful money, while becoming their best healthy version of themselves.

I  love to facilitate True Colours Personality Workshops. They are exceptional!

And finally, I do One on One Life Coaching. 

I hold most sacred being a MOM, in fact that is when I feel most beautiful and alive.  I hold family and friends as my greatest asset. Health is my first wealth. I hold being congruent within myself as my super power. 

I look forward to cheer-leading  you on your personal journey to your best self. Let's have a conversation shall we and lets create our most beautiful life and make this world even better!

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