Beautiful Life Retreat

Beautiful Life Retreat TBA

Beautiful You, Yes, I'm talking to you. Do you believe you are beautiful? When do you feel most beautiful? Awe, questions, they awaken something deep within us. Would you agree? Is it time to ask yourself some honest questions?

I wonder if you chose to take the time away from all the noise in your life, what would you be thinking, what would you be feeling, what would you be dreaming of? Would you be in the past, feeling gratitude for all you have accomplished, or would you be in the future, dreaming of a future filled with promise and hope? Or just maybe, you would be actually present, breathing in the moment? I know you have felt it - that magic of being fully present, fully alive and fearless! That's what I teach at my Beautiful Life Retreats!

True peace and alignment come when you get quiet with yourself and ask questions like: “Am I living my beautiful life?" Am I keeping my word to myself, you know that place where you feel congruent and whole, true to yourself? Am I fully showing up in my life? Am I feeling empowered? Am I moving forward towards my dreams?”

For me, the quality of questions I ask myself is directly related to the quality of life that I am creating. The number one reason people stay stuck is because they do not ask themselves the key questions to get themselves unstuck. This is where the Beautiful Life Retreat comes in - to ask you beautiful questions, soul questions which will point you towards creating that most amazing life, called yours. Come explore, expand, get quiet, and shift into what you can’t see, but you know is there! Your Beautiful life awaits at Kingsfold Retreat Centre!

This is For you if:

  • You know it’s time to discover new territory within

  • You know it’s time to reinvent, rejuvenate, and revive your energy and self-confidence

  • You know something is missing and it’s time to get a clear direction

  • You want to create more joy, more love, and more happiness in your precious life

  • You are not afraid to get honest with yourself

  • You are ready to learn new tools that will dramatically support and improve your life

  • You simply know you need this, you feel it in your heart and soul

  • You are ready for a change - a real life transformational change towards peace and love


Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive, then breathe. Then pinch yourself because you are actually here! You are feeling a bit nervous, and more importantly you are feeling excited for the unknown. The hope that something new will spark within you, that will change your life forever is on the horizon you just know that deep down, that's why you are here.  


First you need to know you will have choice. One choice is to join me for a silent walk in the beautiful outdoors of Kingsfold, or not, Then we will dine together and share a home cooked meal made with love. Then we will begin. We will begin to look within, as we start to ask ourselves the important questions we've possibly been ignoring. You see this weekend is all about you, not the woman beside you, not me, it's all about YOU! This day is all about exploring, seeing the unseen, and discovering some amazing beauty. Amazing shifts happen when woman come together and share, learn, and purge... in with the new out with the old as my Mom used to say.


Sunday, a day of rest. By now you have most likely discovered just how tired you really are, and how much you truly needed to be here. You will have had the thought, wow, I didn't realize just how much I bottled away, or I didn't know how powerful learning a new tool could be on my entire life? Trust me you will have a thoughts similar to this.  The day holds many more insights, just because it's our last day together, doesn't mean the best is yet to come. 


What to Expect?

What are you going to experience? Boundaries; how are yours? Self-Sabatoge; who me? Understanding and embracing your worth! Quiet; the place where all your answers lie in wait. Beautiful!

“The most important relationship is with myself, all others follow.” The Beautiful Life Retreat, is exceptional and unique to you. I only take a small group of woman who are willing to be courageous for the sake of their joy, their relationships, their growth. If that is you, or if anything I shared here sparked something in you, then say yes to you. One thing I know is we defer, we say next time, we always put everything else first... well, I'm going to say, that is backwards thinking! The truth is if your cup is not full, how can you give to anyone else? It is your turn to give to yourself.... see you soon!

Momentum starts when you stop focusing on what you don’t want, and start focusing all your attention on WHAT YOU DO with every cell in your body. - Leanne Jacobs - Beautiful Money