Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!


It’s official - my very first Blog! Blog rhymes with Fog! And that is what if feels like right now for me, what to write about? So I will make it easy on myself and write what I’m truly feeling these days!  

I have set some big goals for 2015 and I am feeling afraid...can you relate? I truly believe my biggest enemy is my “Comfort Zone” - you know, that safe peaceful place where you don’t have to really show up! I liken it to a hiding place, a place where if I stay the same, than I don’t really have to feel uncomfortable, I really don’t have to stretch. The enemy of growth is comfort, and the need to feel secure is the goal. I know this, so why is the pull to stay safe so strong?

Okay so now that I have identified the enemy, what to do about it!? Well that’s easy, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”! So here goes, my first blog of many. Merry Christmas to you, I so look forward to getting to know you, and to share my life with you...

Natalie Stratton