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I remember the day, driving up to my parents house in my green mini-van. As I looked in the back seats to announce we had arrived, I saw three beautiful, innocent faces looking at me, exhausted from the 10 hour drive, and me wondering "now what?" You see I was moving back home, except with one slight adjustment, 3 kids in tow. I was now a single Mom, and I have to admit moving in with my Mom and Dad with 3 kids at the age of 32 was not exactly on my bucket list! This was the moment I knew I had to work smarter not harder in my life... 

That was many years ago, a lot has changed. My kids are now adults, I live in my own beautiful home I treasure, and I have a business that affords me many luxuries, that many wish for. I love being my own boss, I always have. The truth is I love showing others, especially single Moms, how to be their own boss. In my mind, nothing is more empowering than protecting your health, creating financial security, and creating something way bigger than you ever imagined.

I knew that the dollars for hours model, AKA, a job, would only pay my bills, I knew I needed to find a business and product that I loved and that would create a residual income for my kids and I. I knew the key to long term financial security was in building a residual income, like rental houses, or royalties from writing a book, something that kept paying me even if I didn't work. My ask had been answered. As I have come to realize, the universe always has my back and I was lead to a company built on science,  called USANA Health Sciences. It was to become my product partner in my thriving business as a Certified Personal Trainer.

What sold me
is the company manufactures to Pharmaceutical Grade Standards, which means, what you see on the bottle is exactly what is in the product. I learned this is rare in today’s market. I think of USANA as a vehicle for better health and wealth, and both my business and my life wouldn’t be the same without it. I invite you to look into this product line for your health, and while your at it, it may just be the right fit for your financial goals as well. It is a win/win. Here is my wesite go learn more and lets connect


Q&A : More about My Product Patnership

You're a USANA Health Sciences Entrepreneur. How has this changed your vision & life? 

USANA Health Sciences came into my life over 15 years ago, when a close friend introduced me to the products, which I fell in love with immediately. As I chose to leave my marriage with a 6, 3 and 18 month old to live in my parent's basement, I felt both free and scared, but was willing to grow. I come from a very successful entrepreneurial home, with much talent and determination, so I certainly was not afraid of hard work, and I understood the concept of residual income which USANA offered. 

However, it took me several years of being a product user along with my children, before I became a promoter of the products. A few years ago I knew I needed to do something different, and I had USANA in my back pocket waiting for me, so I picked it up and began to run with it. The best part of this business is it ties in so closely with my Coaching and Facilitation of my Beautiful Life Retreats. The same issues in this business appear outside of the business, so I am able to coach people through their self imposed road blocks with my background in Personal Development. In fact, anyone who coaches with me through USANA soon discovers they are in for a big treat, as they find themselves growing and succeeding in ways they never dreamt possible! USANA is a lifestyle - a fantastic one!

How does being a MOM influence and guide your work?

How doesn't it influence and guide my work! Anyone who has children knows it is by far one of the most challenging jobs in the world! And it’s one you can’t resign from or quit. Being a Mom means being a student. Kids bring out every part of you, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. I quite frankly would not be the great Mom I am today without doing all the work I have done to get here. Between going to different workshops and retreats, hosting retreats, reading self help books, listening to audio CDS, and simply asking great questions of the people around me - lets just say I’m a big fan of learning and expanding and sharing the treasures I pick up along the way!

What specifically draws you to the Weight Loss portion of your work?

I think if you are like the majority of woman walking around today, you have experienced some kind of issue with weight or body image. Let’s face it, the messaging today is thin=beautiful, which in turn means acceptance. This is crazy to me. 

But this I know: “When my relationship with me is working, my relationships with others works!” So when I feel I’m eating healthy, exercising, and simply getting myself to yoga for some meditative body mind awareness, I feel like I can do most ANYTHING! On the flip side, when I’m eating unhealthily, not exercising, and simply not taking time to get quiet, I just want to stay in bed and avoid life! Can you relate? I personally have discovered the greatest way to feeling in control of my life is to keep my word to myself. The feeling of saying I’m going to do this, whatever this is and then doing it!!! I can trust myself.

How has your venture with USANA changed your life?
I come from an entrepreneurial background, so I have a clear understanding on why it’s important to create a residual stream of income versus a dollars per hour stream. 

I can’t imagine not helping people with their energy, their health, and at the same time, help them improve their financial health. It’s much too often that people sacrifice their health for the old mighty dollar, only to lose their precious health and pay large amounts of money to regain it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s common sense to partner with a health company like USANA Health Science, that truly is the Gold Standard in the industry, and the bonus is the financial freedom it offers me to work from home on my terms, with people whom I want to work with - lets just say, getting out of bed to go to work, feels great!

How has USANA helped you with your other work? 
I didn't realize that when I partnered with USANA, it would entail so much personal development, growth and expansion for me. You see it not as the end result, but rather as who you become in the process. USANA is very committed to supporting me in breaking through what was in the past stopping me from success.

How does USANA integrate with your coaching and retreats?
Health is our most important asset, so when I am taking care of my body first, my emotional health automatically benefits. In other words, when I am eating clean, exercising, getting adequate rest, managing my stress, and taking a high quality supplement, chances are I’m going to feel good about myself. Nutrition is key to overall long term vitality, and since partnering with USANA, I have learned so much about the importance of preventative functional medicine. I like to think of myself as a “First things First girl”. Often when I’m working with a new client, who may have some issues around relationships, for example, I will discover they are not taking care of themselves physically, so that is where I often begin, getting that house in order.

What do you think makes the company and their products unique? 
What makes USANA unique is the founder, Dr. Myron Wentz. He is a world renowned immunologist and microbiologist. He understands the importance of cellular nutrition and has developed supplements and products that protect the human cell. His vision is to see a world free from pain and suffering. He is truly a man who puts the person first and he’s passionate about educating people on health  and creating the highest quality supplement science can make. 

USANA stands for “True Health”, and what makes the products exceptional is the fact they are pharmaceutical grade, meaning what is on the label is in the product. No variance is allowed. Most products on the market are manufactured to food grade manufacturing practices, which means they may or may not contain what’s on the label. Also, Dr. Wentz personally guarantees the products for purity and potency, meaning they are bio-available and are designed to work.

What's your favourite product and why?
My favourite product by far is the multi-vitamin (Cellsentials). Why, because I love the energy I get being on them, while at the same time protecting my health at a cellular level. The Cellsentials are full of anti-oxidants, the important factor in fighting free radicals, which really are the precursors to all our degenerative diseases. Over time, I believe I’m investing in optimal health using these products. It’s the best health insurance I’ve come across by far! 

Why would you recommend Usana to your clients?
I would recommend USANA for two reasons - Health and Wealth. USANA gave me back my dreams...I had stopped dreaming after my divorce and I just didn’t believe I could have big dreams and aspirations, I was too overwhelmed with 3 kids and bills. I feel blessed to share the message of beautiful health, and I also love teaching how important it is for us to take care of our financial future. If you have not created a leveraged stream of income, then I invite you to take a closer look at the USANA opportunity. Check my website out below.