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Life Coaching is an art. I like to begin with each person, seeing, not the problem, but the perfection. You see if I agree something is wrong with you, then something is wrong. We  create our own reality. Life is vibrational energy. For the past 18 years I have been awakening and guiding clients to sustainable change with results both professionally and personally. 

 I support people to see where their thoughts keep them in what they don't want versus what they do want. We live in contrast. In order to know what I do want I first need to experience what I don't want. Life is always reflecting my thoughts. So how do I change my thoughts, easy, I adjust my focus. My experience has shown me time and time again, that we are creatures of habit, not only behaviourally, but also emotionally and mentally. We have tapes playing incessantly, all day, saying things like, "You will never lose that 20 lbs, or get that promotion, or get married, or have children... blah blah blah...We are our own worst enemy if we don't practice some simple mind tools. The best way to re-program your tapes is through coaching. Coaching is where awareness begins.

The key, is to master your emotional reality. The ability to feel better, changes your thoughts automatically . 

Do you know the most dangerous place you can be? If you guessed - alone - you are so right.

The coaching relationship for me. is about following my intuition rather than a formula or theory. I believe for true shifts to occur I must first be connected with my heart and my truth. What makes me different is my experience as an observer witnessing others move through their stuff to find their truth in retreat settings.

What I have learned could not be learned in a course. I often tell my clients I have my Phd in observing the human heart at its most vulnerable. I bring the ability to see the unseen and make it known, often with amazing life long results, just check out the testimonial page. 

What are some practical aspects to Life Coaching? Past experience has shown me that self-sabotage is one of the main components as to why we don't have the lifestyle that we so desire. Once understood and de-constructed, it becomes a game-changer in creating your beautiful life. Another aspect, is knowing and creating healthy boundaries. Brene Brown, states, "the most compassionate people she knows are the most boundaried!"

Life Coaching will help to accelerate your success, while compressing time and maintaining momentum and accountability to your growth. Research has shown that personal results go up by 88% when you add a personal coach to the mix, and once you get the initial momentum going, you become unstoppable.

By holding yourself to a higher standard, you will be able to take yourself to the next level. For most of us, fear is what holds us from moving forward - and I can help you break through that fear so that you can continue taking action in your life. Lets talk shall we!


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