I was very grateful to be able to participate in Natalie’s Retreat in June 2014. I watched Natalie engage with all the participants over the weekend and I believe the retreat was a life changing experience for many of us. Natalie really understands how to connect with her clients and get to the heart of the issue. She provides clarity and options for moving forward. I believe that Natalie can often see her clients struggles when they can’t recognize them themselves. Natalie has a unique way of doing personal development work and I felt lighter and ‘free’ at the end of the weekend. I highly recommend Natalie’s coaching and retreat options for those that are looking to make big and small changes in their life – you won’t look back! It’s the ultimate gift to give yourself. It was a magical experience in many ways. Thank you Natalie for sharing your gifts with me.
— Cathy Gotfried, Calgary AB

Natalie has been a mentor, supporter, business and personal coach, and an amazing friend. Natalie is a woman whom I truly look up to. I have participated in a number of her Beautiful Life Retreats over the years, sought her out for lifestyle coaching, and turned to her for business adivce.

Natalie showed me how to empower and believe in myself; the old me did not believe I had the power to choose and make healthy choices. Through my experiences in her BLR and personal coaching sessions I liberated myself from a very unhappy life that I had created. I am very grateful to have had this amazing woman in my life in all aspects.

This new me is able to manifest the most amazing changes in my life that has led me to greater happiness and continued success. I am armed with the tools to empower myself as a strong woman and mom; to reflect and spy on myself, to get off the victim triangle, to find my passions, to refuse to play small any longer and be BIG, Brilliant, and Beautiful!

I now embrace the power within myself and choose everyday to be happy. This has catapulted my soul, mind, and body into a greater sence of balance and purpose. I can honestly say that I am where I am due to the essential ideas and practices that I learned from the life changing value that Natalie brings. I cannot place a value on any of these learnings and outcomes, as it is immeasurable. All that I can say is that investing in yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself; time and money well spent - and Natalie delivers, every time. Thank you Natalie with much love, respect, and gratitude.
— Ashley
I attended your Beautiful Life Retreat weekend and wanted to let you know that is transformed my life. You will remember I felt so lost at the opening. I had lost most of my eyesight through a disease called Wet Macular Degeneration and had to stop working and driving the previous septmeber. The loss of independence, financial income, driving and mobility was crushing. I arrived at your retreat, lost and in despair. I had done years of personal growth work and had a deep belief that every situation life presents, has a lesson designed for my healing. I used the tool “find value in all things” yet here I was..... in depression.

There were several valuable major take away;s from your Retreat that I want to share with you.

First, I quickly discovered from the Karman’s Triangle work, that I was stuck in Victim. And the way out was to stop waiting for someone to rescue me. I needed to be accountable and take responsibility for my life. That was a Wow moment! And not that difficult to do. The awareness was my turning point.

Secondly, the love and acceptance found in our group allowed me to grieve my losses and get unstuck. I will always feel grateful for your gentle guidance through this process.

Thirdly, your introduction to the concepts of “constellation” work had a profound effect on several of my relationships. I feel like that process effectively “joined the dots” for me.

Fourth, I believe that the power of silence rejuvenated my inner world. The secret to everything in our outer world is to discover our Sacred Inner Self. And for me, that miracle happened in the silence... walks in the early morning, the stillness in the beautiful Chapel, sitting quietly in a chair overlooking the river valley, I felt ever so present.

In the months that have followed, I have had only one day that seemed down, but by practicing “presence” I was able to listen to my Sacred Self and find my balance again. I have started writing a book. And I am processing the research needed to start a business I have always wanted to do. I am continuing daily to be present in my life and have lost some of those extra pounds unneeded for better health. Without effort or dieting. Just by learning to nuture myself in loving ways. I feel I am standing in my brilliance again.

Thank you for being an Angel in my life!

Lovingly, Judy
The Beautiful Life Retreat with Natalie was an amazing opportunity for me to turn inward... to further develop my “Self”... to self reflect, to be challenged and to gain a different perspective around my life. The peace and serenity of Kingfold Retreat Centre is the icing on the cake! I highly recommend this Retreat!

With Much Gratitude,
Cathy S - Kelowna, BC