What if you understood others better? How would that change your life? Most of us are walking around judging others, or feeling slighted at times,  or simply confused at how others behave! The truth is they are just being who they are! One small cavet, there are a few exceptions running around out there!

This is the simplest tool I've learned to support relationships. The True Colours Personality Inventory, is fun, interactive, and will serve you for years to come. Would you agree, understanding other's differences goes a long way in creating better relationships? Come learn what your preferred personality style colour is and learn from other's as you watch them in action. You will be able to communicate, understand, and navigate all your important relationships much more effectively as a result. My next True Colours Personality Workshop is February 29th, from 7-9:30 PM.

Personality inventories goes back as far as Hippocrates. Most of you have heard of Myers-Briggs, the DISC assessment, etc, so many great tools on the market. What I like best about True Colours Personality Inventory, is the fact you can remember your colours and most importantly, apply your new learning instantly. Plus, the environment in which you learn is super interactive and fun. We learn and retain best when learning is created in this kind of environment.

  • You will engage and discover what is getting in your way in your relationships
  • You will understand why the person who rubs you the wrong way, does and how to effectively relate
  • You will have many A-Ha moments, trust me you will
  • You will be excited to implement your new understandings 
  • You will feel more empowered in your relationships
  • You will breath a sigh of relief, when you realize who people are and why
  • You will stop taking so much personally
  • You will have tools to use for the rest of your life that will make things easier for everyone
  • Finally, you will have fun and learn we are more alike than different.... understanding brings freedom